AdRotator 2.1 release – Universal support is a go

AdRotator Universal support with Version 2.1

AdRotator adds support for Universal apps

AdRotator adds support for Universal apps

A couple of days ago we pushed up a new version of AdRotator to Nuget, this new 2.1 release (thanks to our awesome new team member Rob Irving) adds the much anticipated Universal app support, this now means that AdRotator supports:

  • Windows Phone 7

  • Windows Phone 8

  • Windows Phone 8.1

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows Universal apps

So yet again we support the full range of Microsoft’s offerings (not including the XBOX again yet sadly)

Granted this is still using only the native controls provided from each of the Ad Networks we support, but we are working diligently on migrating the WepAPI from V1 but bigger, brighter and better!

Also now that Rob has Joined us, he’s also looking in to full Xamarin / Xamarin forms support.

No timeline as yet for these new features as we all only do this in our spare time but we’ll keep you notified.

There were a few other bugfixes included as well to keep things moving along but no other big features, check the release notes for more info.

Unity Support

We have also just updated our Unity plugin to support the new 2.1 release and add 8.1/Universal support to your Unity games.

Note, we were recently told of a limitation in the Unity plugin that means the control HAS to be on your 1st scene, this is so it can register properly with the native platform.  We are now looking in to ways to remove this dependency as we understand this isn’t favourable for some projects.  For now, if you don’t want to display ads in your first scene, just disable the control at start-up and enable it later.

We will continue to support and grow out Unity support and if you have any suggestions or things you want to work differently, then either log an issue on our GitHub page or on the VoteIt backlog page 😀

The updated Unity asset can be found here on our GitHub releases page

The only thing of note with Unity’s Universal app support is that it puts BOTH the App.XAML and MainPage.XAML in the shared project, however for Ads to work you do need project specific configuration, so just copy these to each of the universal projects and remove them from the shared project before implementing the control and providers.

Welcome Rob Irving

Rob Irving – New AdRotator member

(Rob’ll probably kill me for this)

I’d like to introduce Rob Irving our new full fledge member of the AdRotator team, If you want to know more details about him, check out his site here:

We’d like to say a big thank you for the addition of the Universal support, allowing us to support it a lot sooner than we would have.

Thanks Rob! And welcome aboard.