AdRotator V1 info

An ad rotator control for Windows Phone 7 with Silveright / XNA support, Windows Phone 8 XAML and Windows 8.

AdRotator is open source and the V1 project can be found here

Supports showing ads from different providers with configurable probabilities based on culture. The control fetches the settings from a remote XML file making real time swapping / replacing of ad providers possible.

Supported ad providers for both Silverlight and XNA:

  • Microsoft PubCenter
  • AdDuplex
  • Google AdMob
  • Inner-Active  / Nokia Ad Exchange
  • MobFox
  • Smaato (Not for Non Location aware projects, see above link)
  • Default House Ads – A project based Ad the developer implements (docs pending)
  • Support for no ad display
  • Both Location Aware and Non Location Aware libs now available

Example Use Cases

The control can be used in a variety of ways. The most common use cases are:

  • Swap ad providers on the fly – specify a single provider for the whole app and swap it to another when the eCPM goes down. E.g. have the app use PubCenter ads and if the eCPM goes down, change the remote XML and have the app switch to AdMob
  • Configure ad providers based on culture – show different ad providers for different phone region settings (which usually map to physical location as well). E.g. show PubCenter ads to US users, AdMob to German users and AdDuplex to everyone else
  • Configure probabilites of ad providers based on culture. This is the most complex (and most useful) scenario. Implement for example the following use case:
    • US: 70% PubCenter, 15% AdMob, 10% MobFox, 5% AdDuplex ads
    • Germany: 80% AdMob, 10% PubCenter, 10% AdDuplex
    • France: 100% AdMob
    • Other: 25% PubCenter, 50% AdMob, 25% AdDuplex
  • Have ads sliding in and out. Ads can be configured to slide in, stay for a give number of seconds, then slide out and stay hidden for another given number of seconds before sliding back in again. This behavior is useful both not to have apps present all the time, as well as to draw more attention to them.

Usage and Configuration

See the documentation for a more detailed overview of how to use the control:


Development was started by Gergely Orosz, the XNA version was created by Simon Jackson (blogs at Dark Genesis and his studio site is at and contributions have been made by Davide Cleopadre. Applications developed by them using this control include Flashlight 7,  ClAlFreePercent Calculator 2 andFlipped