AdRotator V2.0.1 release plus updated Unity editor plugin

We’re back baby


It’s been a while since we were able to dedicate any serious time to the project, we can only apologise for that but both Gergely’s and my time is short these days, still we do what we can.  Issues are always answered, comments and feedback are always responded to and if you pester us on twitter we usually retort with some witty comment (well mostly me since I’m British)

But anyway, here we are today and finally some action.

AdRotator V2.0.1 release

It’s all Unity’s fault but it did give me a kick to update AdRotator with a few things.  The major stuff was to resolve some issues that arose with our old Unity plugin and what Unity changed that stopped it working, however we didn’t stop there.

Here’s a summary of what has been updated:

Ad Order (AdOrder) is now works

Due to popular demand we have now given you even greater control over how your ads are served in your app or game, there are three modes:

  • Random
    Exactly as before, random selection of ads based on the Probability you provide per provider
  • Ordered (new)
    Will use a fixed order for your ads, it will continue to display ads for your first Ad Provider until it is unable to do so, then it falls back to your second provider and so on.  Guarantee’s that you always push your most profitable provider first.  Mixed with the region / culture setting, this gives you maximum control.  Just set the AdOrder property in your configuration xml for each provider.
  • Stepped (new)
    Like the Ordered mode, it uses the AdOrder property on your ad providers to walk through in order, the main difference is that it will get an Ad from Provider 1, then move straight on to provider 2 until it loops back to 1.  Should be very useful with your own house Ads.

To use this new mode, simply decorate your Ad Providers with the new AdOrder property (as shown below) from 1 onwards (AdOrder of 0 means do not include, same as not setting AdOrder)

<AdDuplex AppId="xxxx" Probability="10" AdOrder="1"/>


With your config XML updated you simple need to set the AdRetrievalMode property of the AdRotator control, either in XAML or in code. (also settable in Unity)

Sliding Ads now start off screen

A minor tweak that was requested on the Vote it forums.  Now when your app / game starts using the Sliding Ad option, the Ad will both start and refresh off screen.  Ads will then start sliding in and our based on your timing settings.

A few minor bug fixes and tweaks

Nothing of too much note, just some performance tweaks and simple bug fixes.

Unity Plugin works again!

The root cause for the 2.0.1 update was Unity.  In testing we found that our plugin we developed had stopped working.  This didn’t stop you using AdRotator in your Unity projects for Windows Phone and Windows 8, but it did mean you lost some control in Unity to access / deploy it.

Now it’s back and working and can be found here:

Using the plugin is very simple:

  1. In your Unity project, import the custom asset via (Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package)
  2. Select the plugin you downloaded from the above link and select OK to the information window.
  3. Open the scene you want to add Ads to and create a new AdRotatorManagement component using the Create menu
  4. Select the AdRotatorManagement entity in your scene (there can be only one) and you will see the following in the inspector:
  5. Configure the placement and ad settings as you wish.  Note you can enter the remote URL for the configuration file here.
  6. Edit the default configuration file xml’s located in the AdRotator folder (defaultAdSettingsWin8.xml for Windows 8 and defaultAdSettingsWP8.xml for Windows Phone), these are your default start up config
  7. Save your scene / project
  8. Build your project for Windows 8 / Windows Phone
  9. Open up the exported project in visual studio
  10. Right click on the References folder in your project and select the Manage NuGet packages option (welcome to NuGet if you’ve never seen it)
  11. Search for AdRotator in the top right hand box and click install on the AdRotator item when it’s found (check you have Stable builds selected and you are searching from if you don’t find it)
  12. You will see a license window popup, this is just for some Opensource Microsoft libraries we depend on, click yes/ok when you are ready. (if you select no, then you can’t use AdRotator)
  13. Install any additional Ad Providers you need, either by downloading their SDK, or through NuGet (AdDuplex (win 8 and WP8) and Inneractive (wp8 only) are on NuGet as well)
  14. Run your project!

It may sound like a lot but it only takes a few mins.

Note: if you are installing on Windows 8, there is an extra step to reference certain providers in your App.XAML.cs, check the read-me that opens when you install NuGet for more details

Now AdRotator will run and be controlled from Unity.  If you prefer you can always do it manually (everyone has a preference)

End of the show show

That’s all for now, any comments / questions or queries, just post them on the GitHub site as per normal (Feel free to contribute too)

If you have any comments, suggestions then drop them in to the VoteIt page

And as a last call, if you like, use and make money using AdRotator, please think of us and if you can donate to the project.  Completely optional of course.

Bye Bye and back to work.

14 Responses to AdRotator V2.0.1 release plus updated Unity editor plugin
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  2. Nguyễn Hữu Hậu

    thanks man! I go to your page every week just for this update :))

  3. Simon (darkside) J

    Glad you like it. We enjoy spending whatever time we can improving the project. Not easy with free time dwindling :D.
    Next I’m hoping to being back the webAPI routines from V1, they were a bit flaky back then so could do with updating to the next generation.

    • Nguyễn Hữu Hậu

      that’s great! This time you make a clearly doc and I can follow step by step, but I still got error with it :(. Don’t know what did I wrong, so I posted it here:

    • Nguyễn Hữu Hậu

      forget that you should update download link for this package. now it’s 😀

      • Simon (darkside) J

        will check on that and your sample first thing in the morning

      • Simon (darkside) J

        Was there an issue with the download link, couldn’t find one? Link is as detailed in the post above.
        Must remember to delete the old one though.

        • Nguyễn Hữu Hậu

          yes when i click to that link, it redirect to a link that contain a space inside, so it return “page not found”

  4. Lê Quang Bảo Lân

    Hi, I’ve added AdRotator with my unity game, I’m using AdMob but I cannnot see any ads display. I’ve configured ads position is “Top Center”, ads size is “Leaderboard” and sliding ads is “none”.

  5. Trinh Van Hung

    Hi All
    I dev and config to use AdRotator 2.0.2 succeedful
    I deploy succeeded but I don’t see any Ads display
    Please help me!

    • Simon (darkside) J

      Hi Trinh
      Please direct questions and issues to the GitHub issue management page here:

      What we recommend is to test Ad Controls separately to AdRotator to confirm you are receiving ads from their network, most providers don’t guarantee ads, this is to ensure it’s an issue with AdRotator and it’s configuration or the Ad Provider.
      We also recommend adding AdDuplex in the loop if you can as they do guarantee ads.

      Hope this helps

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