AdRotator V2 – Alpha 2 has been pushed to NuGet

“Time and Tide will tell” or so I’m told.

Strange words for a strange time, both Gergely and I have been mad busy the last few months with work and other projects so updates have been tricky.

That being said we just pushed up a patch release to the Alpha today to NuGet to resolve the following issues:

  • Added Size property for AdDuplex, hence why AdDuplex wasn’t getting it’s width and height set properly (whoops)
  • Renamed the container that AdRotator sits in from LayoutRoot to AdRotatorRoot to resolve some usage scenarios (may back fill this fix to V1 if there is time)
  • Added some work around code to handle the changes in PubCenter, they have switched from using events to using exceptions when no ad is available, not very friendly at all.  This is just a patch to stop AdRotator from crashing while we try and get it working properly again.

no much but what we could do given time, will update you again when we get some more meat on the bone


Later’s  😀