AdRotator V2 info

A highly customizable ad rotator component for Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms, to be used with Silverlight, XNA and Monogame.

AdRotator is open source and the V2 project can be found here

Note: the project is in alpha stage, under development. For the current, stable version of the component visit AdRotator v1.


Project progress can be found here

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Initial Project Roadmap

1. Initial Release

  • New XML configuration
    • Simplified ad configuration XML structure
    • Ability to define size of ad area from configuration
    • Support defined ordering of ads
    • Support for ad group settings
  • Supported platforms
    • Windows Phone 7: Silverlight, XNA using C#
    • Windows Phone 8 using C#
  • References only needed for ad providers used. (using current provider supported list)
    • Ship a version of AdRotator without any provider dlls
    • In the case of a missing reference the control does not crash, just skips displaying the ad
  • Supports display of ads only during trial mode
  • Ability to define size of ad area from configuration
  • Improved logging support

1.1. Initial Release Stretch Goals

  • Supported platforms
    • Windows 8 JavaScript / HTML
    • XBox360 (limited to local house ads)
    • Windows Phone 8 & WIndows 8 component
    • XNA using C#
    • Windows 8 using C#
    • Monogame
  • Simple to add new providers via well defined plug-in model
  • Support more Web API interfaces

2. Backlog

  • Supported platforms
    • Unity
    • iOS (probably through Mono)
    • Android (probably through Mono)
  • Support compressed XML config
  • Allow clients to provide Web API interface
  • Built in analytics support
  • SignalR support – immediate notification of online players