AdRotator V2 stable release published

With much trepidation, we are pleased to announce that The V2 branch of AdRotator with all it’s under the hood improvements has now been fully released.

This release brings a host of improvements developed in the beta and we have now reached feature parity with the original V1 XAML release.

We have achieved a lot in the V2 timeline, breaking a lot of the shackles from the V1 branch, including:

  • Removed the dependencies on AdProviders, now you can just use the one’s you want (loose coupling)
  • You can now have multiples of the same provider should you wish to make use of multiple ad units
  • Having multiples of the same providers now also lets you have multiples of house ads, market yourself..
  • A much more streamlined and robust error management and logging logic
  • The AdRotation logic is now improved (more to come on that with Ad Ordering and improved failover options)
  • And Much, Much more!

As ever we strive to improve the framework as much as possible, so we welcome you to add your say in the Feature request page and cast your votes on existing suggestions to help us focus our efforts.


Now this latest release is not without some sorrow, it seems that Unity have changed a few things in their latest releases which has broken our Unity plug-in.  AdRotator will still work with XAML projects as you can implement it natively on the platform but it’s not ideal.  So we will be working hard to restore this functionality next.

One of the biggest comments (issue maybe) has been our implementation documentations, currently it’s all stacked up on ne or two pages which seems to cause confusion.  SO we are also planning on a series of posts to address this documentation gap to cover some of the basic and more sophisticated implementation opions.  have an idea for a post? then put it on our feature request page and well answer you. (

SO on with the show.


One last thing, more of a nice kickback or something to think about.  We are working hard on AdRotator and constantly hear great feedback of the many implementations out there.

All we ask is that you help support us by spreading the word and if you are making good on your ads through the use of our framework, then maybe shoot us a bit of kickback though our Donate option on the homepage.

This is NOT mandatory, all we ask is that you think of use while you are kicking back on your yacht while your ad revenue streams in. It all goes to help fund further improvements in the framework.  Some very generous teams already have and we are always very appreciative of the additional support!