New Beta for AdRotator V1 integration for Unity3D


The Unity Asset plug in for AdRotator V2 is now live, for more details see here:

Right, Beta is now up and running on the dropbox link

Working for Both Windows 8 C# XAML and Windows Phone
Be sure to read the instructions first 😀
Due to an error on NuGet I’ve been unable to upload the NuGet packages, so they have been included on the drop box and instructions for how to use them locally have been included.  Don’t use the one’s on NuGet itself or you will have issues (basically won’t work :D)
Let me know how you get on and if you have any issues.
This Phase of the beta is all about being able to implement and configure AdRotator from within Unity, you edit your config files in Unity (in the Assets\AdRotator folder) and all the integration and bridge will be packaged and shipped with the build. All that remains is to add AdRotator it’self to the compiled solution and the necessary Ad Providers (they are all included in the WP NuGet with the exception of PubCenter but have to be added manually with W8 – don’t ask why :S)
*Note, it’s highlighted in the docs but I’ll repeat it here, you need to all all ad providers to your solution whether you are using them or not due to the way V1 is architected.  This limitation was removed in V2 but this isn’t compatible with that yet.  We plan to work on a full Unity version for V2 in the future.
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